International company organizing annual offsite trip

International company organizing annual offsite trip
Photo by Hanson Lu / Unsplash

Planning an offsite trip with over 100 people can be a daunting task. However, Travy came to the rescue for an international company seeking the ideal location for its annual offsite trip, which would involve 137 individuals from five different cities. Departing from New York (23 people), Seoul (10 people), London (37 people), Hong Kong (10 people), and Dubai (7 people), the company needed a solution that could cater to everyone's needs efficiently. Some of the criteria's were to have a direct flight, good weather and activities.

Initially, the company considered choosing a European capital like Paris, believing it would help minimize costs. However, Travy's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) swiftly analyzed the various factors, such as the time of year, the number of flights, and the nature of the company, and provided valuable insights.

Ultimately, Travy's analysis revealed the following cost estimates for the two potential destinations:

  • Los Angeles: €78,395
  • Paris: €92,449

Beyond the financial aspect, Travy also highlighted the weather disparities between the two locations during September and October. While Los Angeles offered better weather conditions, Paris experienced more rainy days. Moreover, the company faced difficulties in finding suitable and affordable resort to accommodate all participants in Paris, while Los Angeles presented easier options.

Thanks to Travy's expertise, the company discovered a range of exciting activities that could be organized to entertain and engage their international team. Possibilities included an American Football match, an NBA game, or renting an open bus for sightseeing Hollywood. Travy's partnerships with Viator, Ticketmaster, and Tiqets ensured access to these engaging experiences.

After reviewing the comprehensive analysis and experience with Travy, the company concluded that Los Angeles was the superior choice in terms of flight prices, weather conditions, and overall destination appeal for that period of the year and number of participants. They expressed their intention to continue using Travy for their future business trips.

In summary, Travy proved to be an invaluable tool for decision-making when organizing their annual offsite trip. The company prioritized transportation costs and the availability of engaging activities to keep their international team entertained and foster strong working relationships. With Travy's assistance, they successfully identified Los Angeles as the optimal destination, surpassing Paris in multiple aspects. The positive outcome solidified their trust in Travy, ensuring its continued usage for future business trips.

Travy offers an all-in-one solution for international companies that spend excessive time on scheduling business trips. With Travy, you can effortlessly plan, book, and manage trips for individuals or groups, regardless of whether they are departing from the same location or not.