Remote company letting teams to have in-person meetups

Remote company letting teams to have in-person meetups
Photo by Redd F / Unsplash

Managing culture and human connection in a fully remote company can be a challenge. However, one of Travy's clients recognized the importance of bringing their teams together periodically to foster collaboration, socialize, and strengthen their bonds. The company decided to allow each team to spend a week working together, focusing on the upcoming quarter's objectives, vision, strategy, and goal-setting.

To ensure the smooth organization of these team gatherings, each team is responsible for planning their own trip. However, they keep someone from the HR department in the loop for safety and policy reasons. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to wasted time as team members search for flights, accommodations, and visa requirements across multiple websites that are not optimized for such interactions.

To streamline the process, Travy's assistance proves invaluable. By defining specific criteria, such as a one-week timeframe and a preparation period of at least three months in advance, the teams can plan their trips efficiently. The chosen location should be accessible to all team members, and the budget is set at $1,500 to $2,500 per person, covering travel expenses, meals, and accommodations.

In this case study, let's focus on the Social Media team, which desired a face-to-face meeting to plan their upcoming quarter's posts and develop strategies for doubling their reach. The team members were based in London (3 people), Madrid (4 people), Oslo (2 people), and Athens (4 people), with the preferred period being November.

Using Travy's expertise, the person responsible for scheduling the trip quickly identified the best cities to accommodate the team's needs. The top three options were Barcelona (€1,349), Bucharest (€1,431), and Milan (€1,534). This information was obtained within seconds, saving the team significant time and effort. Additionally, Travy provided insights into accommodation prices and offered entertainment ideas for team bonding activities.

Instead of spending days searching for information, Travy reduced the planning time to a concise 30-minute asynchronous meeting, allowing the team to efficiently book the entire trip.

In conclusion, Travy's services are instrumental in managing culture and human connection in a fully remote company. By empowering teams to meet and collaborate in person, Travy simplifies the planning process and saves valuable time. Through its comprehensive database and efficient algorithms, Travy quickly identifies suitable locations, provides cost estimates, and suggests engaging activities. With Travy's support, the client in this case study significantly streamlined their trip planning, enabling their Social Media team to focus on strategizing and maximizing their impact.